Advanced Corporate Transformations Ltd. (“ACT”) work in partnership with companies and individuals to survive in these difficult times and grow their business. Our philosophy is that “we go beyond the figures”.

We love business passionately and want to help people to help themselves. Our goal is to remove the financial “ball and chain” from around the ankles of the business owners and let them return to doing what they are good at.

As seen on RTE’s Taking Care of Business TV Series, ACT is owned and operated by two experienced Chartered Accountants and business men, Sean Dunne & Tommy Murphy, ACT brings extensive experience in corporate restructuring, financial analysis, business planning and managerial development. Our team includes seasoned industry specific experts, accountants and book-keepers.   We become part of your senior personel working along with owners to bring an additional management capacity to the business.

ACT brings a fresh challenging and holistic approach to our work focusing on the client, their family and business to aim to transform their culture and work practices and get them back on track, enjoying what they do.

Our clients are a mix of SME’s, individual and large organisations. They are spread across all industry sectors including automotive, construction, industry, professional services, retail, hospitality and manufacturing, landlords, property developers and distribution.