ACT was incorporated in 2007 by founding partners Sean Dunne & Tommy Murphy. It offers the following services to corporate and personal clients:

  • Restructure and refinancing of debt.
  • Work out and recovery strategies
  • Negotiations with Financial Institutions
  • Management and Financial consultancy
  • Staff training
  • Additional management capacity

Chartered Accountants by profession, Sean & Tommy have extensive commercial experience in this field. They have worked both in Ireland and abroad and have owned and managed their own businesses. Their experience covers all sectors and they are applying their extensive commercial and financial skills to improve businesses and get people back in control of their business and lives.

Sean Dunne – Partner

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Sean qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young and has over 26 years commercial experience in a wide range of companies and in both national and international markets.

He specialises in the Construction and Property Development industry, retail sector and also in negotiations with financial institutions including Banks and venture capital Companies.

His experience in business has given him a wide knowledge across all aspects including sales growth, strategic growth, debt strategy, debt options, financial restructuring, construction site management, negotiations with external creditors (including Revenue and the Banks) and legal aspects such as corporate governance.

Sean understands the needs of the client and their family plus the Financial Institutions in solving the issues facing many people today. He works to ensure all his practical business and academic experience are brought to solving the problem. His work is precise, accurate and relevant containing all the facts required for an informed decision to be made on any Plan.

Tommy Murphy – Partner

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Key Qualifications:

Tommy qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterHouse Cooper and has over 28 years consulting experience, serving both national and international markets.

He specialisesin Corporate Strategic Development, Financial Management, Corporate Restructuring & Recovery, Management Development, Executive Coaching.

He has worked with companies across a broad spectrum of industries including Dairy & Food, Drinks & Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Banking, and Retailing.

He is both charismatic and pragmatic in his work values and has a broad range of both practical business and academic experience. Tommy’s work has varied from restructuring companies, drafting strategic business plans to developing management teams and refinancing companies.