We focus on getting the business back to work and allowing the principals to concentrate on doing what they are good at.

We remove the impediments to growth and re-energise the owners on why they came into the business.

This involves a number of areas:

  • Establishment of a Business Plan
    • Establish the ultimate aim of the owner.
    • Setting financial targets and Business objectives.
    • Write the multi year plan for the business.
    • Cost evaluation in all areas of the business.
    • Implementation of any changes agred with owners.
  • Finance restructuring with Financial Institutions &/or creditors.
    • Provide a debt management plan
    • Consider non core asset disposals
    • Meet with creditors including Banks to agreed plan
  • Additional Management capacity to execute the Business Plan
    • Attend senior Management meetings.
    • Act as additional management capacity in business.
    • Assist and help the owner to execute the Business plan.