Joe O Flynn – Rathsallagh House Ltd – http://www.rathsallagh.com/

Tommy Murphy and SeanDunne of ACT have been assisting Rathsallagh House Ltd since December 2011. A family run business Rathsallagh was guilty – like a lot of small family run businesses – of a lack of financial discipline and planning both in the board room and in the day to day operations of the business. In addition more time was benign spent in reporting to our lenders and financial fire fighting than was spent in actually running and promoting our business.

Tommy and Sean restructured our business and helped to refocus our attention to where it needed to be, the running and promotion our business on a day to day bases. They modernised our systems for financial reporting and control and brought in expertise in specific areas where this was lacking . They also rebuilt our relationships and understanding with our lenders and today they are Members of our Board. A recommendation of itself.


Bernie Falvey & Nathan McDonnell

Ballyseedy Home & Gardens, Tralee, Co. Kerry. – http://www.ballyseedy.ie/ 

‘’We were looking for help in a very difficult business situation. Sean and Tommy grasped our needs and produced a plan that gave us back the confidence and know how to help restructure our business.

When change was needed, a new model was introduced and the results were immediate. We really appreciated Sean & Tommy’s flexibility, efficiency and the ability to think outside the box!. It’s great to work with people that empower you to take control of your own destiny. Thank you!”


Company Director
Retail Industry Dublin

“We were very fortunate that a colleague from the Retail sector recommended we speak to Sean & Tommy in relation to our need to negotiate a restructuring with our Bank.

We were in a position of being unable to repay all of our loans in relation to what we thought were sound property investments made during the Boom.

Engaging them to help us through what was a very stressful and frightening time was one of the best decisions we have made.

They brought us through a practical and realistic assessment of our situation and were able to negotiate a solution that was acceptable to the banks and affordable for us.

Their hard work and pragmatic approach gave us back a future when at one stage we could see none.
We strongly recommend anyone who is being crushed by worries over debt to talk to the guys.”


Seanie M

I was first introduced to Tommy Murphy and Sean Dunne of Advanced Corporate Transformations at 14.14pm on the 14th July 2011.

Having got to know both Tommy and Sean over the last two years, they have consistently offered sound and appropriate financial advice, taking into consideration, our business circumstances. They spent many valuable hours discussing, explaining and exploring relevant and valid opportunities for us to transform our working methods and practices, while, at all times, serving my best interests and that of my company.

It is a refreshing change in the current challenging conditions of day to day survival in business, to meet genuine people like Tommy and Sean, who are driven by a desire to ensure your success in business rather than being just corporate advisory salesmen. Their company philosophy is “we go beyond the figures”, and in my case, I can certainly, without hesitation, endorse this statement.


Tom & Pat Hennessy

Manor Stone Quarries Ltd. – http://www.manorstone.ie/

Co Laois

We were first introduced to Tommy Murphy and Sean Dunne of Advanced Corporate Transformations Ltd. (ACT). in 2008. With the sudden decline in the construction industry, our sales had collapsed and due to the long lead in time for imports, our stocks were increasing rapidly and our credit facilities were at breaking point. With their help and expertise, the company was reorganised and continues to trade.

We have always found ACT to be very helpful and professional in all our dealings with them and we have used their services many times since. Without their help, we may not have been able to survive the total collapse of the construction industry when many companies have ceased to exist and brought many small trading companies down with them.